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Training: Walking & Working Surfaces

AES E-Learning provides an online Learning Management Services (LMS) which makes it easy to build courses, assign them to learners, and accurately track results. The best part of our LMS platform is that it is a cloud-based training system, which means you don’t need help from your IT department to start-up and maintain an effective Training Program. You can literally begin having your team members accessing training resources today.

AES has excellent E-Learning Providers and Developers ready and capable to help you develop client-specific training material or procure and deliver commercial training products. One such commercial training available to all our clients and the general public, includes the OSHA’s Walking and Working Surfaces regulation (29 CFR 1910).

Although this training covers a wide range of issues that review a high rate of slips, trips and fall incidents; this online training module will simplify and provide training for your team members to easily understand the hazards associated with Walking an Working Surfaces. After completing this training, students will learn where these hazards exist, learn how to identify them, and how to reduce the risk of injuries from falls.

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