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Texas Pipeline Worker Dead

Texas Pipeline Worker Dead
A week ago (Wednesday, the 8th of August), multiple explosions rocked an El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline in Midland Country, Texas. A 30-year veteran of the energy industry and operations manger at Navitas Midstream Partners, 63-year-old Bud Taylor of San Angelo, Texas was responding to a leak which resulted in an explosion that subsequently took his life. Two additional explosions occurred, which also resulted in four other pipeline workers and two fire-fighters being injured.

All five were airlifted to University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas. Last Friday, a hospital spokesman announced Taylor died from his injuries with one of the four pipeline workers remaining in critical condition and two others in serious condition. The workers were treated and subsequently released.

Although the causes of the leak, which lead to multiple explosions and fires, are still unknown, the company is cooperation with local, state as well as federal authorities who have began and/or initiated an investigation. Midland County is home to the Permian Basin oilfield, one of the largest oilfields in the United States. Currently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has filed no violations against Navitas, however this recent incident that killed Taylor and injured six others is considered a serious event. AES Marne will continue to monitor this investigation and provide any updates that follow.

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