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Is your child riding a bicycle this summer? Bike riding can be both a fun and healthy event. It can also
give your child a good sense of independence. However, a bicycle is a bicycle, not just a toy. You must make sure that your child is aware of safe riding. Here are some safety tips in order to make sure that your child is safe this summer:

• Always have your child wear a helmet every time he/she rides a bike.
• Always teach your child the safety rules of the road to help keep them safe while riding on/near the street.
• Always make sure your child’s bike is kept in good working order.
• Make sure your child can be seen easily, by always wearing bright-colored or reflective clothing.
• Don’t allow your child to ride when it is dark.

By having your child learn safety early in life, you can help ensure a lifetime of safe bicycle riding. As a rule, children should avoid riding on the road, they should ride on the sidewalk. Make sure that your child is able to demonstrate the skill and knowledge needed to keep safe. Your children will mimic your behavior. The methods and safe work practices you used to operate your automobile is seen by your children. Always be a model of safety for your children.

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