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An increase in the number of people killed due to workplace accidents has become a significant reminder for the need of a continued focus on worker protection. In the past week alone;
• Two men in South Edmonton who suffered serious injuries were sent to the hospital after a metal train cart incident.
• A 64-year old man died while working at a construction site at the Bay Roberts Mall.
• An elderly man died in a Monaghan farm accident after falling into a slurry pit.
• A worker was crushed in a hydraulic lift accident at Foutaindale, suffering a crushed chest and pelvis.
• Among many other accidents.

Recent statistics revealed workplace fatalities have been on the rise as opposed to last year. With almost six months left in 2018, and decreasing workplace safety processes, we are surely to see a much greater increase for the year. This does not even include those who are seriously injured at work as well. When you consider the emotional and financial implications on families, the impact of workplace accidents has both an impact on employers and families. What is your company doing to combat this trend?

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