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How Many Deaths Are Too Many?

In the past month, New York City, the city recognized as the modern-day center of world economics and industry, has experienced four (4) fatalities, in three (3) separate workplace accidents. All of these incidents are still being investigated, as it is not clear what led to these tragedies. However, the timing and increase in frequency of workplace fatalities has brought safety to the forefront attention of local lawmakers and workplace health agencies. These include:
• on June 25, two men were killed when eleven slabs of Corian fell on them at XPO Logistics;
• on July 24, a YRC Freight worker was killed at a farm in Eden when a 3,700 pound of scaffolding fell on him; and,
• on July 25, a Spectrum contractor was electrocuted in Yorkshire after contacting a primary electric line.

Workplace safety applies to all people in all industries. Safety begins with employer ownership, and the employers’ willingness to implement and enforce safety management systems in the workplace. It is the responsibility of both employers and employees to know how to keep their workplace as possible and when to address irregular or unsafe conditions.

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