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AES Marine Consultants, LLC has strong credentials and a proven history of high-quality professionalism, the very best in the safety industry. Clients across the globe are afforded the combined services of HSE Consultation and Project Administration.

AES Marine Consultants

We have made ourselves available to our global clients worldwide, in various locations such as: USA, Mexico, Nepal, Venezuela, Brazil, Mozambique, South Africa, Gabon, as well as Trinidad and Tobago. Having had the opportunity to work with various Construction, Drilling, Subsea, and Petroleum Companies around the world, has provided a knowledge base that could only serve to benefit any client. Our consultants have had the benefit of being able to work with some of the world's best in the Oil & Gas Industry. 

AES Marine Consultants

AES Marine Consultants, LLC has had the opportunity to participate, and continues to participate in many innovative projects in the Oil & Gas Industry including, research and development, construction, drilling process, and production.

Oil/Gas Offshore Production HSE Advisor - Gabon, WEST AFRICA

AES Marine Consultants

While working with VAALCO Energy Gabon Etame off the West Coast of Africa, primary responsibility is support Oil/Gas Production for four (4) offshore Production Platforms and one (1) Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. VAALCO Energy is an independent energy company principally engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of crude oil off the coast of West Africa.

Learning Management System Administrator - Gabon, WEST AFRICA

Develop and administrate VAALCO Energy, Inc. international learning management system. Assist with the development, administration and management of the company's training program, including management system configurations, distribution of documentation and training material, company policies and procedures, and support overall development of the workforce. Support all departments (Human Resource, HSE, Operations, Production and Maintenance) with delivering, recording and tracking employee/contractor training.

AES Marine Consultants

HSE Management Program Development - Hathilet, NEPAL

AES Marine Consultants

Development of a HSE Management System for construction and production of a 290 acre Solar Farm: including implementation of HSE Expectations which adhere to local and industry best practices, Contractor Management Assurance Program, Occupational Health and Safety Management and Tracking Processes, Safe Work Procedures to ensure Incident Free Operations, and developing a Competency Assurance Program as well as an Internal Training Management System for initial and continuing education.  The project is expected to begin construction Q3 2015 of a 290 acre solar plant with a capacity of 45 MW.  The plant would deliver enough clean energy to the grid to meet the needs of over 25,000 households annually.

HSE Advisor - Mozambique EAST AFRICA

Provided Environmental, Health and Safety Administration for Anadarko Mozambique Area 1 LNG Facility. Supported Logistics/Pipe Yard and Port Facilities supporting offshore and onshore Oil/Gas Drilling operations, LNG Plant Construction and Future LNG Operations. Primary goal is to develop local content (Mozambique Nationals) to manage and support all local HSE Operations. Continually liaise between contractors, sub-contractors and local government entities to ensure safety management systems are understood and implemented. Routinely conduct hazard recognition, risk mitigation and quality improvement of overall safety management system. Provide Incident Management and Incident Investigation; identify underline causes (direct, indirect and contributing factors) and guide corrective action planning to prevent reoccurrence. Ensure contractor safety requirements and Client's Operational and HSE Expectations are performed at all client managed facilities:

AES Marine Consultants
  • Industrial Pipe & Logistics Yard
  • Chemical Storage Facilities
  • International Port (Yard and Dock Operations)
  • Multiple Warehouse Facilities
  • Waste Management and Recycling Processing Center
  • Administrative/Accommodation Facilities

QHSE Manual/Training Program Development - Florida UNITED STATES

AES Marine Consultants

Contracted to Emerging Markets Communication (EMC), an internationally recognized telecommunications service provider, with the development of their Corporate Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (Programs, Policies and Processes).  Recently acquired by Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), we continue to assist with the development and administration of their online Learning Management Systems (LMS).

QHSE Mgmt. Systems Development - Texas UNITED STATES

Assisted Offshore Analysis and Research Solutions (OARS), a Texas based company which provides comprehensive range of services to the geoscience industry.  AES Marine had the please of developing OARS comprehensive Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems, as well as outline the associated policies and procedures to manage and meet client's HSE Expectations.  With the development and introduction of an effective HSE Management System, OARS has become a much more attractive and sought after Vendor of the Global Offshore Industry.

AES Marine Consultants

Subsea EHS Advisor/Client Rep. - Mozambique EAST AFRICA

AES Marine Consultants

Contracted to Anadarko Mozambique Area 1 (AMA1 LNG), who required a deep water geophysical site investigation and pipeline route survey.  Functioning as the HSE Advisor & Client Representative overseeing all Vessel Operations including AUV survey operations, ensuring compliance with all the Client's HSE and Regulatory Policies and Procedures. The objective of the survey was to evaluate the seabed, sub-seabed conditions and assess any potential geo-hazards that could affect the installation of anchors, sub-sea equipment, pipes, and flow lines.

Vessel Mobilization HSE Advisor - Durban SOUTH AFRICA

Contracted to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) as a HSE Advisor during mobilization/installation of AUV and ROV systems and equipment. Both mobilizations took place simultaneously, ensuring all major audit items and hazard mitigation measures were in place prior to authorizing vessel clearance.

Land Drilling Coil Tubing Safety Tech/Medic - Texas UNITED STATES

Subcontracted as a Safety Technician/Medic for land drilling/production sites, overseeing and ensuring compliance of HSE Programs during hydraulic fracture operations. Provided continual hazard assessment and risk mitigation through daily safety inspections, and supported operations through pre-task planning and job analysis review.   Provide on-site emergent/non-emergent medical services when required.

AES Marine Consultants

International Jack-Up Transport - Port of Spain TRINIDAD & TABOGO

Subcontracted to Ensco, plc which required a Jack-Up Drilling Rig mobilized in Port of Spain, Tobago-Trinidad for transport to Port Fourchon, Louisiana.  Scope of work required industrial medical support and functioned as SHE Representative while mobilizing vessel and to accompany vessel during transport/tow returning to United States for dry dock and construction.  Provided continual hazard recognition and risk mitigation during vessel mobilization/construction activities.

AES Marine Consultants

ROV Construction HES Representative/MCPIC - G.O.M. UNITED STATES

HES Representative and Medical Care Provider in Charge aboard Diving/ROV vessel providing damage assessments Production Platforms post Hurricane Ike.  Assisted Operator with HES Compliance and provided industrial medical support as required.  Support diving operations pipe line and platform assessments.

Fire Support Vessel HSE Rep. /Medic - G.O.M. UNITED STATES

HSE Representative/Medic aboard vessel assigned to provide Fire and Logistical Support post Fire/Oil Spill from Drilling Vessel.  Monitored and record Safe Work Practices and reported KPI Statistical Reports.  Provided continual hazard recognition and risk mitigation for fire response teams and logistical operations, including Heliport Operations.

Semi-Submersible Vessel HSE Rep. /Medic - G.O.M. UNITED STATES

Drilling Company contracted to Oil/Production Corporation to conduct Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Operations throughout Gulf of Mexico.  Responsible for implementing HSE Programs and assuring Company HSE Expectations are met.  Provide emergent/non-emergent medical support and continually provide hazard recognition, risk mitigation and support corrective action planning.  Supported and documented HSE Initiatives, KPI Statistics, and supported incident reporting and incident management initiatives.

AES Marine Consultants

International Jack-Up Transport - Gulf of Cariaco VENEZUELA

Support mobilization of a Jack-Up Drilling Vessel to be transported from United States economical waters and towed to Venezuela economical waters.  Positioned to provide emergent/non-emergent medical support during mobilization and accompanied vessel during transport.  Scope of work included supporting assuring Company’s HSE Policies and Procedures were continually implemente.

AES Marine Consultants

Jack-Up Drilling SHE Rep. / Medic - G.O.M. UNITED STATES

Drilling Company contracted to Oil/Production Corporation to conduct work over on multiple wells throughout Gulf of Mexico.  Provide industrial medical support and SHE Representation during continuous operations.  Provide emergent/non-emergent medical support and continually provide hazard recognition and risk mitigation.  Support and document HSE Initiatives, KPI Statistics and support incident reporting, management, investigative process and corrective action planning.