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E-Learning: Ebola Virus Safety Training

The world continues to look at the Democratic Republic of Congo as an EBOLA Outbreak rages on. The northwestern part of the country has seen several cases of the Ebola virus disease emerge last month, leading to an outbreak declaration and posing a “very high” public health risk for the region. Although it may seem early to determine what the outcome of this outbreak could be and how wide it may spread, one continual aspect many experts agree on, is “the world seems better prepared than ever to fight this outbreak.”

Developed in whole by guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO), AES Marine has introduced an online general introductory Ebola awareness and prevention training module for persons working in, or visiting any potentially infected area. As per the WHO, the Ebola outbreak which has affected parts of West Africa in recent years, was, and continues to be the most challenging public health emergencies of modern times. Proper awareness as well as proper precautionary measures for the disease has become the key to protecting personnel. This training course represents a compilation of WHO Materials on general information about the Ebola Virus Disease, how it is spread, the symptoms, infection prevention techniques, as well as possible treatments.

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Conducting Workplace Investigations

Whether you’re directly or in-directly involved in performing accident/incident investigations for your organization, everyone should be aware of their organization’s incident reporting and investigation procedure. AES Marine has introduced an online training module which provides students with the basic tools to participate and/or lead a workplace investigation.

Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging duties that any professional must take on. Your workforce may constantly be changing, new laws are constantly popping up, and fear of making a mistake is always a constant barrier faced by professionals. The fear of the mistake, and the fear of a complaint. Today, employees are more aware of their rights and tend to resist or fail to participate in workplace investigations out of fear of reprisal and even loss of employment.

Ideally, proper training and experience, will assist any novice investigator and over time, develop a greater comfort level in handling and completing successful workplace investigations. For further information with Conducting Workplace Investigations, or to learn more about any of our learning resources, visit our website (, or contact our office at (210) 430-3469.

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